Laura Cantekin pic“Anita has a special gift for teaching with a flare for creating a practice that’s tailored to you and your specific needs. She showed me how to increase strength and flexibility after a shoulder injury and has helped enormously with my balance and posture.” – Laura, NYC, Journalist
Laura Cantekin pic“Anita is the reason I practice and teach yoga. I first went to her class in 2011 and found myself with a teacher who made yoga accessible and fun. Anita’s understanding of yoga’s anatomical foundations and alignment also greatly improved my physical well-being during graduate school studies in NYC. Anita’s way of exploring the world is echoed in how she approaches her students – with interest, patience, and care.” – Alex, Vancouver, Real Estate.
Laura Cantekin pic“I love Anita’s yoga classes! I first joined her class in 2010, having very little knowledge of and experience with yoga practices. Anita’s teaching embodies intelligence about the body, self-awareness and compassion. She is extremely approachable and constantly refines her teaching, bringing great knowledge and experience to every exercise.” – Ioana, MBA Candidate, Boston.